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Test equipment beforehand!

Please do not wait until the day of your event.
Some issues can take a few days to resolve.

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How to Use USB


  • 2D USB Scanner
  • Computer (laptop or desktop with USB port)
  • Internet (wired or wireless)
USB Scanners


  1. Connect the scanner to a USB port on your computer.

  2. Go to

  3. Enter your Event ID, Event Password (Event ID backwards), and Promoter ID,* then click Submit.

    * If you rent scanners from us, this info will be included with the shipment. Otherwise, contact us during business hours any time before your event.

  4. Click "Scan Tickets."

    Once you see a bare text field with a "Go" button, you're ready to proceed.

Scan Text Field


Make sure the text field is selected. You'll see a blinking | cursor as though you're about to type there.

Point the scanner at a barcode and press the trigger. You'll either see a green "iScanned!" message for success, or a red error message.

Success Screenshot Success Screenshot

If the scanner has trouble, you can manually type the 7 digits found under the barcode and click "Go" (or press enter on your keyboard).

Barcode with 7 Digits Underneath

Special Commands

You can also enter the following commands into the text field, instead of a barcode.

  • Stats: st This will show how many tickets you've scanned.

  • Logout: lo