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Test equipment beforehand!

Please do not wait until the day of your event.
Some issues can take a few days to resolve.

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How to Use USB


  • USB Scanner
  • Computer (laptop or desktop with USB port)
  • Internet (wired or wireless)
USB Scanners


  1. Connect the scanner to a USB port on your computer.

  2. Go to

  3. Enter your Event ID, Event Password, and Promoter ID,* then click Submit.

    * If you rent scanners from us, this info will be included with the shipment.

  4. Click "Scan Tickets."

    Once you see a bare text field with a "Go" button, you're ready to proceed.

Scan Text Field


Make sure the text field is selected. You'll see a blinking | cursor as though you're about to type there.

Point the scanner at a barcode and press the trigger. You'll either see a green "iScanned!" message for success, or a red error message.

Success Screenshot Success Screenshot

If the scanner has trouble, you can manually type the 7 digits found under the barcode and click "Go" (or press enter on your keyboard).

Barcode with 7 Digits Underneath

Special Commands

You can also enter the following commands into the text field, instead of a barcode.

  • Stats: st This will show how many tickets you've scanned.

  • Logout: lo