Scanner Help

Test equipment beforehand!

Please do not wait until the day of your event.
Some issues can take a few days to resolve.


  • Make sure all scanning devices are fully charged.
  • It's not necessary to print this PDF. You can scan the tickets right off your screen.
  • Others may be using this test event at the same time. To see where scans have come from, enter camera mode and double-tap the total scan number in the top right corner. The app assigns each scanning device a unique name randomly. You can find the device name under Device Data on the Stat Screen.
  • This test event automatically resets every 2 hours on even numbers (e.g. 2:00, 4:00, etc.) in US Eastern Time. We recommend removing the test event and re-adding it every time this happens.

Stat Screen

While in camera mode, tap the X in the top left corner to view the Stat Screen.